Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: Our year

What a year!

Over the past twelve months, we have found 1 new job, lived in 5 homes, visited six states, driven over 1,800 miles to a new city, flown 11,600 miles and have 1 awesome kid who now runs and talks nonstop.

But those are just numbers. Here is what 2012 really was for us:

It was being done with the helmet forever

and learning to walk!

It was pomp and circumstance

and celebrating one year with the little guy.

2012 was moving across the country

finding a job

and settling down.

It was visits from brothers...

...and sisters...

...and friends.

2012 was going to Tim McGraw and Kenney Chesney

and celebrating the Fourth of July with Billy Currington.

It was hitting the pool every single chance we got.

2012 was tons of travel.

It was cooking a Thanksgiving turkey for the first time—
and totally succeeding!

2012 was finding new things to sew

new mountains to climb

and new places to go.

It was visiting the beach in November

and getting to play in the snow in December.

2012 was

huge changes, new opportunities, 

leaps of faith, incredible blessings, 

big adjustments, memorable milestones...

...and lots of fun.


  1. Awesome awesome post!!! Love you guys!

  2. Okay, I'm already teared up. Yes, awesome post, by two people who have shown all of us such great faith and trust in the Lord, even when it goes against what seems to make sense. Thank you for your example. Looking over your 2012, you have definitely been so blessed. Love you!